Can our soul vanish?

You fell in love with that brand, product, service, project, team. You would not buy anything else even if it was cheaper, told it was better, ensured to have a shorter answering time, offered a more attractive one, promised to get a salary increase. You would not do it because of that je ne sais … Continue reading Can our soul vanish?

Information and trust

Information: #data, #fake_news, #gossip, #tweets, #conversations, #corporate_Communication, #memos, #meetings, #stories, #presentations, #useful, #verified, #estimation... We live in the era of hyper information. We find anything we want or need, even more, more than we want or look for, we have information overload. Depending on the source it comes from, we credit it or not. But … Continue reading Information and trust

Push & Pull Customer Service

Customer experience, Customer journey, customer service, customer centric, our customer is the reason of everything we do. How many of these words have you heard lately? Many of them, for sure. There are many ways to interact with customers:┬átolerate them, handle them nicely, care about them, overwhelm them, ignore them... I have experienced two examples … Continue reading Push & Pull Customer Service

The personal process of transforming daydreams into real

I have written in this blog a lot about uncertainty, how averse or inclined we are. Without regard of what type you are, we all go through different stages when starting something new. These last weeks I have rediscovered mines. Projects and adventures, have driven me through this kind of rollercoaster. Many people has drawn … Continue reading The personal process of transforming daydreams into real

What when the idea isn’t as good as we thought?

We are by nature ideas-generating machines. In a day we can ask and answer to ourselves so many times.. What if I did, try? And could I go home using a different route? Why don't we? Hummm... what would happen if...? As easy as they flow in our minds wwe let them go when we … Continue reading What when the idea isn’t as good as we thought?