Little boys and girls trust their parents actions and instructions. Same happens with their relationship with most part of the adults. They are their reference on how the world works, their teachers and translators into it. They simply trust their words and acts. Adults‘ trust is slightly different. Trust is already our starting point with … Continue reading Trust

Culture and breakfast

“The Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast”. Peter Drucker. Corporate culture is defined as: “the beliefs and behaviors that determine how a company's employees and management interact and handle outside business transactions”. So, in the end, everything comes to people, teams and individuals. Each with its own roadmap, goals, but with a common sharing of beliefs … Continue reading Culture and breakfast

Learning drivers: need or willingness

Some years ago in secondary school, I had Latin as a mandatory subject. It was not my favorites, therefore the only driver was to pass the exam (Driver? Need). However, I really enjoyed foreign languages and my driver was completely different (Driver? willingness). As adults we continue to struggle/enjoy with very similar matters although we … Continue reading Learning drivers: need or willingness

T / L Ratio

“If we were supposed to talk more than to listen, we would have two tongues and one ear” Mark Twain If we learn by observing, by copying someone else’s movements, learning by listening is a great option. In listening we can learn many important things. But that it’s not what usually happens. We tend to … Continue reading T / L Ratio