When everything goes crazy

We might want to stay quiet inside our shells. Maybe we don’t understand how everything ended up like this and spend some time trying to find an explanation. It could not be that crazy before, there was a way out of this, somehow. Wherever it comes from, this is what happens with disruption. Our life’s … Continue reading When everything goes crazy

Culture and breakfast

“The Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast”. Peter Drucker. Corporate culture is defined as: “the beliefs and behaviors that determine how a company's employees and management interact and handle outside business transactions”. So, in the end, everything comes to people, teams and individuals. Each with its own roadmap, goals, but with a common sharing of beliefs … Continue reading Culture and breakfast

Staring at it won’t make it go away

This morning on my weekly running, I came across a girl who was staring at her bike. Apparently she was having a hard time with its chains. On my way back, she was still in the same position, staring, same angle, same look on her face and not trying anything ay all... We can get … Continue reading Staring at it won’t make it go away

The last one standing

-  You were not the first to finish the exam, neither the first to begin writing. - While the rest of the students talked about the solution to the exercise and all agreed that the answer was 23, you could only think about that your calculation result had been 1,908. - You were not the … Continue reading The last one standing

New times for construction kits

Imagine a construction kit of 100 pieces, 1 set of instructions for 5 predefined figures and one single player, yourself. Pretty sure that mostly all of us has had one of this during his life. If you think about it, I am sure you find different behaviors when you observe kids nowadays sharing this toy. … Continue reading New times for construction kits