Forsake the fear. Work on happiness.

Fear is something that we all experience in our life. Don’t be paralyzed, don’t comply. Take action.


When you remain in silence despite disagreeing with what is being said, you keep running in circles, you do something that you do not like, read during a presentation instead of interacting with the public, you are conservative in your approach to a problem solving issue, you do just as you are told or copy from someone who is average, it’s because of fear. And fear, always takes away a piece of happiness from us.

So, Every time… you start a project out of your domain, you speak up, you tell others when something bothers you, when you jump into the unknown, you take risks, you question things, you relocate, you ask when you don’t understand, you meet new people, you walk into a room where you know anyone, you change the approach after realizing that the previous one led nowhere… Every single time you do that, you are moving one step further from your comfort zone, without being aware of it. Firstly the feeling of uncertainty, a different kind of fear. Did I risk too much? What will be the outcome? Could I have done better? Ufff…

The more you move, the less you agree with simply being comfortable, with complying. (If it feels uncomfortable, it’s good: post)

And then, one day, all of the sudden you may find or see something that brings back to your memory that old version of yourself. And you realize instead of jumping into the void (as you feared you were doing), you are greater, better. With new fears ahead.

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