Long term investment vs short term results

Seems that the short term means more pressure than the long term plan but id does not. We can usually find ourselves surrounded by who is willing to bet only in the short terms efforts and results. Who is always living in the urgency, demanding a new, additional effort. Than can be one time thing, … Continue reading Long term investment vs short term results

Being brave to suck at something

It would be rare that you’d never heard of, never been told about the comfort zone. How we should always try to expand it, by moving one step away from it progressively. Is always scary to stop doing what you master to experiment. So it’s easier to agree to developing by trying something new but … Continue reading Being brave to suck at something

Short & important

If we prefer sending an email (write and send, easy), if we just forward funny, shocking, easy, stuff that even us (senders) will not be able to remember what were they about two days later... why are we surprise when noise surrounds us? when we receive annoying demanding and/or avoidable emails, or fake news, ...? … Continue reading Short & important

Ideas and facts

When we are spending times with friends, we can spend hours discussing about almost any topic. It is not mandatory to have data, only respectful arguments that can support our opinion. The opinion can be based on your personal experience or in someone elses that you try. But when you try to change things, when … Continue reading Ideas and facts