Music, space and time

I started with a stereo system. One place, many people to use it, the need to find the slot so I could listen to my music choice.

Then, music became portable when Walkman appeared on the scene. Still, you needed time, to record the tape, to write down what was inside the box. Also you would have to dedicate a few minutes to decide what to carry with you and listen to during the day according to your mood or to how you would you like to alter it thanks to the music… What were your options? 12 songs per tape? Focus was on the memories you wanted to bring back once you listen again to the tape. Focus was on your friend’s taste, when you were spending hours before giving the tape away.

Portable CD and iPod followed. Less space, more songs.

Nowadays, music is easily accessible. Whenever you want, wherever you are. Is it easier the choice now? Or more complicated? There are plenty of possibilities, to create short-lived playlists, play what others created, to leave the choice to an app? But still, if you want it personal, it’s up to you to build virtual tapes, you can retrieve a remembrance, one hit playlists, … When was the last time you created a playlist (virtual tape) as a present for someone else?

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