The shiny object

Magpies are known for their "thievery", collecting shiny objects to adorn their nests. That fact is not 100% true. The reality is that they are inquisitive, interested in any object but show no preference for shininess. (BBC Article). How many times have you seen someone going after a project, information, topic, ... just because it's … Continue reading The shiny object

What we are, who we are

There is the story of that guy who was a Top Manager at a very important company. When he had to give a speech, he traveled business-class, stayed at the best hotels and didn't pay for a single meal.  The time for him to step down, finally arrived. But he still was giving some speeches. … Continue reading What we are, who we are

Weaving your network. Weaving your web.

When we talk about " our network", we usually think about it from a professional perspective only. But it is far more than that, it is a personal web formed with family, friends and occasional contacts not directly related with our profession or daily activity. The network we have created is part of a greater … Continue reading Weaving your network. Weaving your web.

Board games and team culture

What could Organizations, teams and board games have in common? Starting a new job is like buying a board game. One you have never played to. One you might have heard about or you suddenly saw, read its description, liked and bought. This game, is the company, the organization. You open the box and you … Continue reading Board games and team culture