Taking care of our Social relationships

We have a limited amount of time during the day. We need to provide food for ourselves, have restorative sleep, ... If we want to make our relationships worthwhile, we need to dedicate them, time. The more is invested in relationships, the less can be dedicate to all the rest of the activities. So, on … Continue reading Taking care of our Social relationships

Us and our memories

How many things we have learned that seemed imposible, nonsense, useless, hard time more than anything else? School, home, family, friends, work, partners have been and are our learning’ playground. The Who we are today is the result of adding experiences, trainings and decisions. We went through a tough time, we had an incredible timeWe … Continue reading Us and our memories

What was highlighted by others before you did

You have been asked to read and summarize a document. And someone else was asked to do so before you. That person highlighted what he/she considered were important parts or remarkable ideas. Should you just replicate what was done and make your someone else’s words?Should it be a guideline, to develop your own thoughts and … Continue reading What was highlighted by others before you did

What when the idea isn’t as good as we thought?

We are by nature ideas-generating machines. In a day we can ask and answer to ourselves so many times.. What if I did, try? And could I go home using a different route? Why don't we? Hummm... what would happen if...? As easy as they flow in our minds wwe let them go when we … Continue reading What when the idea isn’t as good as we thought?

The shiny object

Magpies are known for their "thievery", collecting shiny objects to adorn their nests. That fact is not 100% true. The reality is that they are inquisitive, interested in any object but show no preference for shininess. (BBC Article). How many times have you seen someone going after a project, information, topic, ... just because it's … Continue reading The shiny object