Inner voice vs. pros&cons. Ready? Fight!

Every day we chose, we decide. When the issues we deal with are familiar, simple, we go for it unconsciously. But when we face an important decision, we need some help. And for that we have our inner voice. And she will start telling you: you should do it, don’t accept it, move away, take it, leave it, buy it… In a quiet or loud way.

So here you are, in doubt, uncertain about the “what if”, the scenario you will have after the decision. And you decide to write a pros&cons list. You do it because there is a conflict between your nature (or your status quo) and what that “rebel” voice is whispering (or shouting, who knows).

Ready for a good fight? Go!

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You have already made a decision. You make a pros&cons list just to confirm, reassure yourself or to have moral support.  You will find as many pros or cons (depending on what it will imply) as needed. And the main, true reason will be written there.

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There is an opportunity, you did not go for it. It just appeared, unexpected. The Inner voice says: why not? it can be fun. even though it’s scary I should give it a try. But, hold on… it’s disrupting your easy going life. So you write a list just to see if  the answer will show up there. Pros, cons.. pros, cons.. and after a while looking at it, you decide, also listening to your voice. In fact, you were always in Round 1, but .. needed to check there was nothing too strong to start the adventure.

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You are too afraid of what is different, you are averse to risk…. Or you listen to who is too conservative and don’t want to see you explore. But you still write the list. But it be of any help? You will work too hard on cons. You will shut up your inner voice trying to convince her that staying where you are is the more reasonable thing to do. Cons where very strong…  Better not to move. And you will regret this moment in the future.


Years ago, when facing multiple-choice exams we were said not to re-read too many times what we would mark. Read, decide, go through it once more and continue.

Making choices in life is a similar thing, hesitate if you want, re-read, listen to your inner voice. Decide. You will not regret it. You explored, balanced and moved on. Do not allow yourself to reach “round 3”.


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