Weaving your network. Weaving your web.

When we talk about ” our network”, we usually think about it from a professional perspective only. But it is far more than that, it is a personal web formed with family, friends and occasional contacts not directly related with our profession or daily activity.

The network we have created is part of a greater thing, part of a Web, a “personal spider web”.

Built during years through different phases, in the earlier steps of creation, the family ties. Then, kinder garden, school, college friends. And finally those who we meet during our professional life. There is an invisible line that connects us with each of them.

 Our webs can be classified into two types:

  • Concentrated:

Tight&Strong links with and between the different constituents. We care about each of them (of course in different ways…). Its configured by those who inspire us, who teach us, … We dedicate to them time, to connect, to listen, we then, strengthen the link. Being at the center of this cobweb means that if we jump we will gain momentum, in case of troubles we will find help. As per its structure our web can do the same for others.

  • Dispersed:

 Widespread web, weak tights. We can care but we can’t dedicate enough time or just care about the number of constituents, no matter what. If we do not take care of each thread, if we don’t check out and fix when a problem arises, the quality declines. And finally, it can break.

 A concentrated web is more effective, from a professional and personal perspective. We should pay attention to what matters, and take care of it. Ensure that the invisible line is strong. By that, any time that the other’s web grows ours will do so.

 Every time we meet someone, we have the opportunity to include him in our network.

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