Taking care of our Social relationships

We have a limited amount of time during the day. We need to provide food for ourselves, have restorative sleep, … If we want to make our relationships worthwhile, we need to dedicate them, time. The more is invested in relationships, the less can be dedicate to all the rest of the activities. So, on the long run, the outcome of social relationships must be equal or higher than their costs.

When increasing the number of people we interact with, or the number of different contexts where this can happen, the individual‘s contacts get impacted. We have less energy and availability to devote to our previous contacts and what used to be a pleasant interaction, it can easily turn into occasional and superficial. If we make a cost-benefit analysis, we will come up with the conclusion, that something needs to be left behind. The deepness and close tights of some of our relationships, or some “worthless” interactions.

Sociability and basic needs must be balanced. Our choice. Always. We can not have time for everything. Balance is our mantra.

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