What was highlighted by others before you did

You have been asked to read and summarize a document. And someone else was asked to do so before you. That person highlighted what he/she considered were important parts or remarkable ideas.

  • Should you just replicate what was done and make your someone else’s words?
  • Should it be a guideline, to develop your own thoughts and comments from where they left it? Enrich someone else’s ideas?
  • Or, should you make a double effort, ignore the tentation of effort avoidance, start from “non real” scratch and build your own summary and conclusions?

Decision-making can sometimes be like a document overview. You can just repeat what someone else decided was important (keep things like they were), you can enhance someone else’s choices or you just can take it as another piece of information and make your own choices. It all depends on how much do you want to see reality with your own eyes (maybe you will reach the same conclusions as others did), it depends on how much do you want to contribute with your own vision of the world and reality. It’s always up to us.

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