What when the idea isn’t as good as we thought?

We are by nature ideas-generating machines. In a day we can ask and answer to ourselves so many times.. What if I did, try? And could I go home using a different route? Why don’t we? Hummm… what would happen if…?

As easy as they flow in our minds wwe let them go when we do not put them into practice.

From time to time, we have THE idea, and we decide to turn the picture we draw in our minds into something real, tangible. We start drawing how it will look like, to think of what we need, key milestones, resources, … Step after step. We give our time, effort, enthusiasm, hope, … All along this journey we are learning, upskilling, evolving. But we don’t realise we are.

Then, we achieve what we thought was our destination, our goal. And after a time of happiness and calm, discomfort shows up, we don’t get the results we expected. We realise it is not working. After all the excellent work, it’s not useful, it’s not the game changer we believed would be.

Nobody likes to be wrong, and so we insist, pushing forward, denying the obvious. To continue in the wrong road is exhausting and frustrating.

Admitting failure is brave. As it is to start again from scratch and to get advice from friends&experts.

Failure is not nice. Denial is fatal.

Yeah, we fail but we learn from it and move on. Better.

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