Reset Button: Disconnect to reconnect

Anyone who has lived abroad for a long time and has only spoken the local language mixes words when switching to his mother tongue.

At the beginning it happens rarely, but after a while it becomes more and more usual. It’s normal.

As time goes by, our sentences are more “learned language” and “less native”. We feel that our grammar, vocabulary is not… accurate. It makes sense, but it’s not 100% what it used to be before we moved. It feels awkwardly situated. The same happens when we move to a different field of expertise, or a new sector. At the beginning we are still attached to our “old” vocabulary, acronyms. But, gradually we adapt to the new ecosystem. The available space is occupied by the latest info and learnings, the old knowledge is storaged (the more time goes by the more we archive these memories in the long term storage). Yeah, it’s there, somewhere in our memory. The link with it are headlines, general ideas.

Whatever reason why we seek to regain old lands it is not an easy thing to do. When we try to retreat any knowledge/vocabulary from the “long term storage facilites of our memory” we seem lost. No backup, lost expertise, gone, blankspace.

The solution is to “press the reset button”. Go back to the recovery point, “delete” temporarily what we were coded with. Disconnect to reconnect. Find ourselves again (our old “us”). It can be useful to ask for a little help, there is always someone who knows were to find the hiddest “reset buttons”.


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