Discipline: sometimes we need a break

When I started this blog I promised myself I would write one post per week. And I have kept this promise for longer than a year, only stopping during holidays time. It’s part of my discipline, as many others (running every weekend, doing the tasks I dislike the first in the morning…)

But, there are times when you need to halt! skip what you expect from yourself to fulfill.¬† That happened last week, I just didn’t feel in the mood, wanted to enjoy the party, breathe some fresh air and enjoy my town, “waste my time”.

I deserved it, I have earned every single minute of that non working time.

So, don’t be so harsh on yourself. There are times you just want and need to not do what is expected, not say what is polite, …

And then, do more, do better, progressively, until you reach your cruising speed. It is part of the process of being healthy (body, mind and soul).

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