Learning to listen and to speak

There are few people who have the skills of true listening as also to know when and how to speak. These are two awesome “super powers”.

It’s not easy to hear an opinion contrary to ours, without giving that look, or trying to rebate it just pursuing to be wright, to tell what is our position (even if the other person didn’t ask for it)

It’s not easy to listen, understand where is the comment coming from, without speaking right after the other one finishes the sentence.

It’s not easy to elaborate your speech in an open/dynamic debate.

It’s not easy to speak freely when you know there can be repraisals.

It’s not easy to speak on behalf of others (or maybe it’s too easy) when you think they are not free enough to do so.

It’s not a simple thing to do, in the heat of the discussion, to stay calm and rephrase our thoughts, when all we want to do is say out loud: I don’t agree with you.

It’s not easy to stay quiet when your opinion dissents 100% but you shouldn’t be expressing any opinion at all.

It’s not easy (When disagreeing) to build positively from where the other person ended.

It’s easy to just let out what we are keeping inside (no filtrers).

It’s easy to just wait for the other to finish his sentence so you can start with yours.

It’s easy to take as a personal offense hearing something we think we dislike but we do.

It’s easy not to speak so you won’t get in danger.

It’s easy to wait for that always someone else to stand up for you.


It is a very difficult job to listen instead of hearing. But it is also, difficult to remain silent when there is nothing to be said (Valuable), and to speak when and how we need to do so. Not everyone can do that, but we all can learn, practice makes perfect. It’s worth trying.

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