Emotional cost: a suggested equation

Emotional Cost (E.C.) = Effort / Passion

Any project we start, any change we face will require from us a specific amount of effort. Depending on the activity it will be physical or mental. Mental effort can lead to mental or nervous exhaustion.

On the other hand, we find passion which is what we bring. Is the interest we contribute to the project.

When we’re excited about what we are doing, passion is at a very high level, and balances the effort required from us, furthermore, it makes us feel that the effort taken is lesser. E.C. value is <1.

When the thrill is gone, when we don’t believe at all in what we are doing, when required to follow orders (and not used to), passion value goes down and the amount effort required from us, is high, very high. The less passion we have for something, the more effort we feel it needs from us (only to cover the basics). It’s then when E.C.>=1.

When we believe in what we do, if we feel we will make it, we will fight for it, bring all the passion. Work hard, effortlessly. The emotional cost we pay, is low, very low. But, when we don’t belong, we don’t believe the price we pay is so high, our emotional cost raises to the sky.

Not easy to stay true to our beliefs and dreams. Nor to find our way. But when we do, although the road is full of bumps, the journey is far more fun. Otherwise, the cost is huge.


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