We all enjoy a good story. I like far more when it comes from a teller who captivates the audience. And it’s an every day situation.

  • The ones we read to our kids, written by someone else. The ones we transmit (as someone else did tell us to do so) but we don’t believe in.
  • The ones we make up for our kids, so to explain them the reality. The stories we elaborate and tell to others, hoping they’ll believe in the reality we are trying to build or hoping that will help non experts to understand what we are talking about or why this is our goal.
  • The ones we repeat to our kids again and again, so they see the world as we want them to see it. The ones we tell to ourselves, hoping they’ll become true, in front of the mirror every morning.
  • The ones we are told by the media, politicians, … that who knows if they are 100% real or not.
  • The ones we hear that we know they are not true (of which we are probably a character), and we will have to deny.

Doesn’t matter what type you are writing, telling or hearing. Everyone recognizes a good story. And an important element of that is WHO is the teller and HOW he/she tells the story. There  always somewhere an audience waiting for it.

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