Give me the space and the sky will be my limit

I ‘ve heard that there are creative and logical people.  But both have in common that when allowed to build something new, they come up with brilliant ideas. Ideas that, maybe, for years they have been thinking about but no one could hear them, that were triggered by a comment during an informal conversation, that ….

Want new things? Want to transform your team? Try opening a window, just to get some fresh air, letting people speak up, allowing ideas to flow freely, soon what they will open is a door.

Don’t let any judgment call come in, leave the group develop by itself, build from an old idea. Who knows? Anything can happen. The most tiny, microscopic idea can grow exponentially in a very short period of time.

Give them the tools to include news ways of doing, of thinking. The rest will come up by itself.

Logical or creative, we all have a lot to say, and when we are willing to change and develop, we are given the space to do so, the confidence, the freedom we encounter the “best of us”.

Let them build their own future.

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