Thanksgiving day

Thanksgiving is celebrated in many countries, being one of them the United States. I have had the opportunity to celebrate this day while staying in New York for an amazing week. Chatting with a friend, she told me that she gives thanks, every day, for what she has but that she specially loves this day because of what it represents: tradition, family, friends and a reminder of the opportunity to say out loud what we are thankful for.

As the end of year gets closer many of us, look behind doing balance of what was lived, what we have done well, what we haven’t done, and so on. I did it this way last year. But I am switching to a Thanksgiving mode.

I am thankful everyday for my well-being, that despite some inconveniences everything is fine, more than fine. I am aware, everyday, of when I am doing the right thing and of course, when I get wrong.

In the end it’s not so important that need to recap, we actually have to stock the good moments. Bad moments will go away, if we did wrong we should readdress the situation and put in place an action plan if we made any mistake.

I am thankful for my friends (laughs and serious talks have been really supportive this year), my family (always there, no complaints, understanding), my work and colleagues (I have been able to learn, develop myself and grow up a bit more), I am deeply thankful for the wake-up calls we have had (and that, luckily, where only false alarms, right Ele?!), for all the NOs I got (fell and got up) and the YES I got (confirming that I was in the right, unknown path).

Definitely, I am switching to a “Thanksgiving” mode. Do you have a list of things you’re grateful for?


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