The exposure effect

Speakers, “hubbers”, central areas, … are exposed to the others’ opinions

Speakers are exposed to others opinions and critics, to their questions. If you are one of those who appreciate feedback to improve, then it can turn into a criticism that you did not ask for, but certainly you can expect.

“Hubbers” or people / teams that receive, transform, share and communicate information are exposed to misunderstandings, can be questionned. They will probably receive feedback even not asking for it. When sharing with others, presenting, they work is questionned, there is always someone who would say it in a different way, with different words. It’s not understandable, simple or clear enough.

Any person who shares (information, knowledge, …) exposes a piece of himself, selflessly. They give a bit of their effort, creativity. Give away a lot, not expecting anything in return. They only ask for “fuel” to fill the gap left, they will usually ask you what do you think? Can I make it different better?

So the exposure effect tells us that the more exposed you are, the more you give yourself to others, the more respect you show when others share with you. Your feedback is constructive, to help them grow.

The less exposed you are, or you allow yourself to be, the easier it is that you can give unnecessary info (I would not say, I would not do). And the less willing to really give a hand.

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