Networks: the strength of weak ties

After looking at the strong pieces, we will explore the weak ties, how powerful they are, what we need to do in order to have an excellent network.

Definition: invisible bonds that provide people with access to information and resources beyond those available in their own social circles. They provide the bridges where innovation cross boundaries.

Also identifiable as: that people we met at events, in a meeting that gathered together many people with similar interests. We keep in touch.

Relationship between nodes: acquaintances. That’s why their creation and maintainance require time.

Likely to find in them: High level of new information, possibilities or new opportunities.

If we go one step beyond our personal circles and we look at the organizational networks, we will find that if we want to stay in the current status quo we will stay close to our strong ties. They will reinforce our believes, but we won’t have the opportunity to discover what’s new out there, there will be little room for change. Organizations will work under a silos structure. Instead of that, weak ties, helps organizations to spread knowledge as they help in creating cooperation and coordination. They will break down silos.

So, if they are so benefitial, why we don’t use them more? They push ourselves out of our comfort zones. Firstly, because it’s required to meet new people so to start building them. Secondly, they require time but also mind openness to listen and interiorize different ways of doing or thinking. Finally because we have to overcome the convenience of our strong ties in case of urgency.

Now, do you frequently  find yourself complaining about things not changing? How willing are you to meet new people? Are you ready to keep the effort of avoiding our strong ties in case of help? To jump to ask an acquaitance instead of your close friends?


We have been out for a week. This time out was worthy. Battery full for what’s to come.



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