Us and our memories

How many things we have learned that seemed imposible, nonsense, useless, hard time more than anything else? School, home, family, friends, work, partners have been and are our learning’ playground.

The Who we are today is the result of adding experiences, trainings and decisions.

  • We went through a tough time, we had an incredible time
  • We meet amazing people
  • We succeed, we failed
  • We learned how to calculate objects volume, distances, … physics, maths, chemistry
  • We had an job we did not like, a boss we could not bear
  • We have learned what we like and we don’t
  • ….

Life is like a river and we can either watch the river flow or we can learn to swim diving into it. If you just look at the river flowing, you will have not learned anything, just letting everything go, repeating the same mistakes, unable to go further incapable to apply learnings as you only memorized them to pass the exam, to put a “check” on your day on that difficult moment. But, when you learn to swim, you are able to use what you have been through in order not to repeat mistakes, to be able to swim in other waters.

Memories will always be there, in a “that instant recall” or “deep inside of you”, how did that instant, that moment, transformed you.

Unfortunately we can not chose the things we want to happen to us, but we can learn, we have that ability. Will you just waste it? Will you be the sum of many things or just a sequence of happenings?

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