Stuck in a moment, but you can get out of it

Did you find yourself banging your head against a wall for a while? That you are spinning around? That, you are stuck in a moment (like the song says), and you can’t get out of it? I have prepared 5 tipsĀ  for you that can be helpful.


1. Spare time: allow yourself have a blank morning, or an hour. Work hard, play hard. Sometimes we think we are so busy that there is not any room for fun. We need more space for peace of mind. More space for surprise. Let yourself think out of the box. Let your team do the same.

2. Trust. Towards others do not start a conversation with someone you have just met by judging. Expect the best from them, even more if you do not know them yet. They could be that difference you need. Build trust towards you, stay true to your standards.

3. Acknowledgement. Let others know when they did a good job done, when you liked it, honestly. Celebrate success, even more than when it is yours. Be proud, do not hide of what you believe in, or you do. Be thankful if someone makes a compliment.

4. Confidence. You could be that type of people who is an explorer, who does not stand by standards. If others think differently from you does not mean you are wrong. If you are not an explorer but a follower, do not tell the others they are wrong when they prefer to plunge into the jungle. Some of their bright ideas could bring you out of dark!

5. Listen. Always and mostly to who does not see the world as you do. You can always get the best advice from those who know you and might think alike. But open your mind. Could it happen that they show you something new? Or make you realize that there is a better approach for your project? Or that you just need to let it go and start from scratch?

You can never find alternative paths following the same road.

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