The “mojo” issue

Photo by Anna Sullivan on Unsplash

“Mojo”, Slang word to define Magical charm, enthusiasm, talent based on personal appeal, influence, confidence, style, … From time to time, issues arise. We, then, loose our “mojo” and we face the lack of interest, problems to focus, we are less attractive, finishing tasks on time is very complicated.

We as individuals, we radiate “magic” when feeling special, balanced, happy. We perform extraordinarily when enjoying what we do. All of a sudden, pop! It’s gone. Someone stole your “mojo”. As a matter of fact, this is something that can not be stolen. We simply lose it. Because we let criticism get to us, we change the way of doing things just to please others or just for fear. Then it’s when slowly, very slowly, we loose interest for what we do, we stop learning, we no longer have fun.

Companies will go through exactly the same phases. They can lose their essence, without realizing, just following a trend or to ensure success by just producing their top sales, no innovation on the horizon. So, the same company gets bored, just the same day after day. And, all of the sudden, competitors are ahead of them!

You need to refocus, rediscover what made you vibrate. Why did you start all this adventure? Is still the same thing that makes the ball roll in? Or you have changed? New us, with old manners (even if it’s as an individual or a company).

Regain your charm, surround yourself by that magic generators again. And everything will be ok, back on track.


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