Maybe some other time

We can find and make endless excuses for not exercising, go on diet, studying, … whatever we have to do that requires effort. But do you want to overcome difficulties? You will have to do it, once more, beat laziness and progress.

You do not want to have that difficult conversation? Set a slot in your agenda for it so you can not procrastinate, it will make things easier.

You do not want to go to the gym today? Ok, just go outside, start with some walking, run for some minutes, back to walking and you can go home.

You don’t feel focused enough to study? to read that document? play some music, have a drink and back to books.

The less you are able (willing) to find the right moment to finish something the more important is to carry on. This is how you keep those promises you made to yourself. That’s how you do not fall, you do not quit.

Complete a nice, worthy piece of work. Finish on time the goal you set up.

The promises (not obligations) we make and keep to ourselves are more important than the ones we make to others.

Sunday is usually a day to chill out. But, couldn’t skip this.

Have a nice week. (this post was written on July 1st. some connection issues didn’t let me post when I had promised to)


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