The roller coaster: friends, colleagues & teams

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Years ago I took a ride on a roller coaster with some friends. It was a new one, something different, unknown, the ultimate amusement in town. Recently, while talking to colleagues, this moment came back to my mind. The similarity between this amusement and how does individual mood impacts on the rest of the team inspired these lines.

Before we got on, some of us tried to explore all the posible details of the steel structure draw. Others of us didn’t even want to look.

As we were quite a big group, we could not fit all in the same wagon. So, we would have the experience with different time offsets. Also, it meant that a few would have to sit with strangers.

During the ride, emotions and reactions were completely different between us. Fright, enjoyment, expectation, … Laughs, screaming, silence due to panic, dizziness, …

Not possible to have two people with the same expectations, reaction, same emotions at the same time.

When being part of a team and we are:

  • Facing new horizons:
    • We can start a project with some friends, and sit in the same front wagon. As we progress we will not feel the same way, we will not have the same reactions. But it’s good to know that we are all there to support each other. And it’s also important to teach the ones who got on the last wagons.
    • If we are joining an existing and robust team there is no front wagon for us. Then it’s really important to have the support of those who already lived what we are going through. To have some guidance and understand what will come after and be as much prepared as feasible.
  • Dealing with individuals states of mind:
    • Around us there is who is in a similar momentum as we do. We feel comforted, understood. And it feels good, we are not alone, we have some support.
    • But there is always, always, someone who is in the other side. If they are up we need to get close them and let us catch by their good vibes. If they are down, we need to help them, try to contagiate some positivity or at least, let them feel that the team is there for them.


The moral of our team has a high impact on our performance. And after one roller coaster another one will come. Don’t you want to have the more fun you can and the best results?


Summer holidays are reaaaally close. Use them to recharge your batteries.

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