Network Talks: Collaboration, how?

Easy to say, not so easy to do. Open space, team building, training, ... All of this worths nothing, as they are simply tools, if there is not in place the basic, the HOW. And that's Trust. What you need: Trust is the only feasible base to build a collaborative environment as it makes every … Continue reading Network Talks: Collaboration, how?

Draw it, build it

When we plan to give a speech, prepare a presentation we begin (usually) by designing, by writing the script.We keep it in our heads, on a piece of paper or on the computer. When we are in a meeting discussing topics, training, selling a product... we have many different tools (power point, support documentation, videos...) … Continue reading Draw it, build it

Board games and team culture

What could Organizations, teams and board games have in common? Starting a new job is like buying a board game. One you have never played to. One you might have heard about or you suddenly saw, read its description, liked and bought. This game, is the company, the organization. You open the box and you … Continue reading Board games and team culture