Rules for successful VCs

There have been many, many writtings about how to run the perfect meeting, be effective, how to run a conference call... but still, same mistakes are made. Video call in real life (sounds familiar?)* Planning and organization are important for any kind of meeting, but it is essential when we have remote, multi-type of connections … Continue reading Rules for successful VCs

About exams and workplaces

In my life I have been through many exams and tests. I remember those crowded rooms, the tension, the relief once it was over, ... And I found interesting making the comparision between exams and meetings/team's behavior. In an exam: You cared more about the typo errors than you cared about your answers being right. … Continue reading About exams and workplaces

Draw it, build it

When we plan to give a speech, prepare a presentation we begin (usually) by designing, by writing the script.We keep it in our heads, on a piece of paper or on the computer. When we are in a meeting discussing topics, training, selling a product... we have many different tools (power point, support documentation, videos...) … Continue reading Draw it, build it

You know that the meeting didn’t take place in there, don’t you?

Agenda (objetivo, temas, tiempo), reserva en el calendario, sala, proyector, asistentes. Elementos básicos de una reunión. Hay varios tipos de reunión: presentación, debate, trabajo, comunicación. Y cuando finaliza, lo habitual es compartir notas, tareas (si las hay) y próximo evento. Hasta aquí, muchas veces es la ficción. La realidad es que en innumerables ocasiones, LA … Continue reading You know that the meeting didn’t take place in there, don’t you?