Draw it, build it

When we plan to give a speech, prepare a presentation we begin (usually) by designing, by writing the script.We keep it in our heads, on a piece of paper or on the computer.

When we are in a meeting discussing topics, training, selling a product… we have many different tools (power point, support documentation, videos…) but one of the most useful is drawing. The more visible surface for the attendants, the better.

  • Are you explaining something for the audience’s very first time? It will serve as the structure from where to build from.
  • Do you pretend to make understandable a structure, a decision… ? It will be the reference point for any posible question.
  • Do the attendees speak different languages or come from different areas? Use it as the common ground for questions, agreements, solutions, …
  • Are you trying to solve a problem with n possible solutions? The different paths will help to develop new thoughts and solutions
  • Are you offering different choices, but your audience has not clear what they true needs are? It will be the guidance to narrow their problem and get closer to the best product, or solution.

Communication is never a simple thing, we do not express and/or thing the same way, so we will understand and process differently.

While drawing (a process, for example) you clear your mind and fill any possible GAP and you give to others the opportunity to participate with their thoughts while adding, editing… your draw.

Drawing in order to get things clear is building common understanding brick by brick. Draw, discuss, modify, progress, improve. Draw, discuss, modify, progress… Everyone is able to leave the meeting with all the ideas, same understanding and/or agreements.

Take the opportunity to draw more, on a blank sheet instead of using a presentation full of words but with no understanding.

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