Life is a party.

Life is like a party, there will always be people who join and leave it, but the party will go on. With or without you.

As always, it’s up to you. You decide if you go to that party, if you stay, leave, enjoy it, have fun or you just leave it. Then you can stay home or go to a different party, where you know nobody.

We make our choices, we decide to stay or to leave. In the end we will all leave it (wanting it or not). If you don’t like the party, if you dislike the hoster, why are you staying? Why not going to a different one?

I love good laughs with friends, they are better when the party is good, but they are really helpful whe the party is boring or it’s not at its best hour. Friends are one of the best things in life, spending time with them or knowing you can share some moments with them is awesome.

Should I stay? Should I go? Did I participate too much? Should I give a hand? You almost always know the answer. When in doubt, ask the ones you trust at the party, listen to the way they see it, what would they do. Then, make a decision. This party, if you are not enjoying it, should not be the last and the only one to be on. Try as many as you want, as you need. But always remember, party won’t stop when you leave. There will be always new guests. Do you want to have fun with them? Or is this party over for you?

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