The art of plunging into the water

Summer time, hot weather, … Guided by locals we reached a super nice spot, a natural pool. You are considered one of them (locals) when you jump into the cold water, no questions asked. Only the “locals” are brave enough…

Did I try? Of course I did. I dived into the river once, twice… it was really fun. Not two times the same way, but for the first dive I did it my own way. After that, and in between jumps I took some time to watch the “in-the-water-for-first-time” style of the rest of the people around. I don’t recall two people asking the same question or diving into the same way.

Any questions before we start? Some just asked one question, if it was deep enough to jump, to dive headfirst, from the platform of rocks, and others didn’t ask at all.

How will you do it? I saw who progressively got into the water, who did not get wet above the wrist, conservative at first, risking more at each essay…

Time to action? 0, no questions. Seconds after asking. Minutes, eternity (never went into the water).

Any Support team with you? No, I want to try alone. But also who wanted or needed to jump off hand-in-hand, who asked their colleagues which was the best way to do it, a group of friends just jumping (Fear out!) after seeing the first one diving in…

Style? Any support material with you? There were who just waited until they thought no one was looking (they didn’t like being observed), others that appreciate and liked being cheered up, also who looked for the approval for the “go! it’s safe” from the friend who just jumped in before and was looking from the other side of the river.

Most of us, when we are challenged by something new, we tend to approach it from the closest position to our comfort zone. After that, when we feel more and more safe we are able to try differently. It is ok when there is someone to ask, someone to rely on. It can be scary when we do not know if water will be too cold, too deep or dangerous. So listen to your guts, what do they tell you?

Hey all! We are back. Thanks for visiting!!!!!!

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