Closed for vacation

closed for vacation

So, summer holidays are here again! Some of you might be already enjoying them, others just a few days away, and many still working hard (but they will arrive, promised! and it will be awesome).

I think in this same post last year I wrote that, for me, summer break is my own “year end”. I can’t help but rule under the school calendar. So August is usually the moment when I stop, I look back, I do my personal review of the year, make many of the important decisions as well as finishing some adventures and starting new ones. And I know a lot of people who also, are still under this “school-calendar”. And because of people, organizations (many) work the same way. Looks like everything needs to be done before September arrives! And that once the summer is over, we will be starting from scratch.

So, if you can, use this time to do whatever you want to do, nothing, everything, who knows, I won’t think about it… Just enjoy it. There is a lot more fun around the corner.

I, personally, will use this time for many things, including reading. I will come back with new ideas on my personal and quite unique vision of people, teams and organizations.

Thanks all for reading this blog, recommending it and giving me so many brilliant ideas. It’s worth the effort.

This is not over, we will be away for 3 weeks, only 3 posts waiting time..

Have fun, enjoy family moments, relaxing times, all of them. The new course will be intense (Which one hasn’t been?) with many many new endeavors.

For those who are starting a new adventure in September, congrats, relax and work as hard as always. Will be awesome!!

For those who will still be these days under pressure, with infinit tasks… vacations will arrive (once we are all back). Take it easy in the mean time.

See u in a while. 🙂

For all, have a super, great summer. See you all in 3 weeks!!!!!

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