Learning along the way

Book + Training + Practice this is how some of us have learnt to learn. But life does not come with a manual, there is no book to check on, no teacher, no trial and error process and we can only do our best. Not being sure if the answer it is correct, doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Not having the perfect solution doesn’t mean we have failed.

We should not put on hold trying neither not punish ourselves if it did not go the way we imagined the first time. There will be more. We just need to try again, harder, more focused and aware of what worked and what did not.

Just do not push anything away just because you need to learn the perfect way first, it might be too late or you will might have to rush and it will not be even good enough to go.

The world has changed, so if we want to continue learning from it, we need to look at it through a different glass. Stop watching is not the answer. Still, keep it simple. Always.

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