Learning drivers: need or willingness

Some years ago in secondary school, I had Latin as a mandatory subject. It was not my favorites, therefore the only driver was to pass the exam (Driver? Need). However, I really enjoyed foreign languages and my driver was completely different (Driver? willingness).

As adults we continue to struggle/enjoy with very similar matters although we might not be aware of it. Our drivers remain unchanged, willingness or need. We study just for enjoyment or personal/professional development. We make the choice. We decide to study in order to get a certificate and be able to find a better job. But, there are times when, even knowing we will not be asked to pass an exam, the only way to go over something is by learning, from someone or by practice. Because there is no other way, no workaround.

Learning takes us to the next level, even when it is the only way to unlock ourselves, it is the only possibility not to fail, or we simply and truly believe we will be better after all. And this is always true, learning moves us forward not back.

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