A million things

A million plans ahead, a million words you would like to say or have said, 1,000,000 moments you would like to spend among friends and/or family, books to read, conversations to have, projects to start, ideas to develop, places to visit, adventures to live, minutes needed to reset, kisses and hugs to be given, …

I ”should” is a multiplier towards incomplete lives. Do not let time just go by. Remove it from your day to day, start small, one thing at a time. Enjoy it, try it, do your best, maybe it won’t excel but you will have tried.

Put one million attempts behind (Achieved or not), lead the things you want to happen. Be grateful with those who love you and you love, as they probably made the first move when you couldn’t.

There were one million topics I wanted to write about, but I felt it would be nice to close the summer with this.

Thanks for new old moments, for keeping it simple, for coming along.

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