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Your future you

Language helps us to express feelings, desires, expectations, … so many things as we have been reading. The way we use verb tenses conditions a lot how do we face challenges in life. It also exposes our attitude towards difficulties and changes (do we let it just happen? do we act? do we have fear?).


I should…: You are aware that something needs to be done, action taken,… but you are postponing the action.

I want to… : Implies desire, the initiative to start a change, to become something different.

I will…: Shows a clear intention. It implies that we have defined a target.

I have planned to: You already have something in mind, there is plan and an execution on its way.

I am -ing…: Already on the move, towards a final destination.

When the time to look back finally arrives, you should say, I made it: You walked all the way and you succeed. You arrived after all the efforts and sacrifices.

And you should not have to say, I should have…: You regret a decision or a non-decision making. At some point, there was something you didn’t risk trying. This should not happen.Time flies.

Any decision you make needs to be thoughtful. When you are in doubt, choosing between two roads you will discuss a lot with yourself. Eventually you will go for one and you will get, learn, earn some things yet leaving other things.

You can not spend your life stuck, complaining, letting things happening around you, to you, and doing nothing (I should, I could…).  In the end, by allowing yourself to be unhappy an bored days may seem to pass really slow but it is the other way around. Move, try, progress (start using I will, I am…).

If you are on the I should, I would… move to I want to, I will, I am. Transform your language, transform your attitude.

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