The importance of considering the cultural factor when communicating

If we have misunderstandings while speaking in the same language, just imagine what can happen when you don’t master a foreign language.

The act of communicating is not a simple matter. There are many things going on (almost) at the same time.

Active, oral communication, what could possibly go wrong?:

On the talker’s side: thoughts, structured speech, actual speech.

On the listener’s side: message heard, understanding, transformation into thoughts (and will keep in mind).

Expectation and result could be completely different.


Some components in Written communication:

On the writer’s side: Thoughts, ideas, actual written message (Structure and words), dedicated time to what and how…

On the reader’s side: available and dedicated time to reading, momentum, current mood, understanding and transformation into thoughts/into opinions.

If this amazing process takes place when using a language that we do not master, fun increases. We can fall into using Literal translations, words that mean completely different things, local unknown expressions, …

You want to make it better? What if we get into the game of cultural differences? Every single culture has its own way to express emotions, its own way of doing things, of behaving.

When we want to guarantee that we transmit properly, that the other part understands correctly and is able to respond, time is wanted. Please use simple language, structure as much as possible your message. Try to accommodate your information, go for the best tools. Learn what is accepted in the other culture to express emotions: joy, confusion, appreciation, anger, … Just adapt so you transmit correctly (you achieve your goal): Practice, ensure that you employ theĀ  intonation, written expression that is required and at the right timing. Make yourself understand.

Show respect towards the other person and ensure you earn respect. The right, specific words at the appropriate time can have a great impact, the one we are looking for.


Stop, think, act/say/write.

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