About Companies and fashion victims

Outfit: Combination of clothes and accessories that we chose to wear (and there is no dress code needed). We will never see two people with exactly the same look. We have our own style (or we try to do our best). But if we love labeling we will get to similar ways of dressing,  different tribes. Let’s look at them.

The Classical style tribe, contemporary, loyal to a brand, color or style of dress. They never change, innovate or introduce a new color.

The fashionables tribe, always following the latest trend. No matter what. Regardless of it looks funny on you, or it does not fit well (you do not look comfortable wearing it).

And last, but not least, the practical-but-sometimes-dressing-out-of-the-box tribe, although having a conservative style from time to time, they try something new, taking advantage of that super cool piece that fits like a globe and makes you look gorgeous. Because, it’s different, practical and it looks reeeaally good.

If we look for them on facebook, Instagram or pinterest or whatever social network available there would be plenty of each tribe.

But, what if we said that Companies have exactly the same kind of relationship with fashion. You see it?

Once in a while (or every season) a new topic pops-up, and it seems that if you don’t use it a lot, your out of the loop, completely old-fashioned, not cool.

One of the previous Fall-Winter collections brought Agile, analytics, digital, robotics,… to our stores. The spring-summer collection include design thinking, lean, customer oriented… (if you look back you will find a bunch more from many years ago). See now who is wearing what.

Do we wear an “unflattering color” just because a fashion magazine told us to do so? Do all companies understand what applications might have the new season release? Have you ever heard someone asking for a specialized training, just because it’s a new skill? (required for what? no idea, but it’s a new skill)

Is there a style that defines us? What should be embedded in the company mission, in its vision? Shouldn’t be the customer (the one reason why we exist as companies) always in the center of what we do?

Or are we all just fashion victims that buy something just because “YY” THE influencer was using it or recommended? Do we only listen to the seller who tells us that everyone, I say everyone, is wearing this and we don’t think and we overpay?

Have a look around, to what’s new. Think. Do you want to keep your style or change it completely? Can this new element make me look amazing? Will I feel comfortable? Then, go for it.

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