The 4 colors connection with teams productivity

colors, mood and productivity

There is a connection between colors and mood. It can reflect the way we feel or we can use it to alter our current attitude.

Teams are comprised of individuals, so when we look at them we should see like a rainbow of personalities and moods. when it’s  single colored it impacts on the productivity.

We are not in the same mood every single day. It varies, it can be one color but slightly tainted with another. Or, it can evolve during the day. By the powerful “contagion effect” it’s possible that we accommodate our “emotional state” to the one that surrounds us. We will base this analysis in four basic colors.


  • Attitude: Negativity invades the team. There is no expectation of a promising future ahead of the team. It exists a Negative and defensive relationship among members.
  • Performance: Team is under-performing. Basic tasks are simply and poorly executed.
  • Response to change: They will see a new project as a threat to the status quo.


  • Attitude: They are installed in a kind of sadness status, with no progress or change is expected in the near future. The team is worried by uncertainty. Collaboration is possible but with no remarkable results.
  • Performance: We are handling a non-motivated team, with low performance results.
  • Response to change: New projects, new ideas could bring excitement and motivation and finally change their behavior.



  • Attitude: A motivated team, sees the future as an opportunity, they are awaiting for new challenges. We can see a positive work atmosphere, collaboration is possible and positive.
  • Performance: Good, average performance.
  • Response to change: Will not take the lead, but actively participate in new topics. They will develop a functional solution to the issue.



  • Attitude: Highly motivated team, looking forward the next defiance. There is no need to promote collaboration, it is natural within the team, and everyone knows their role and play their part in moving the machine.
  • Performance: Will always exceed expectations. It’s always looking for the best results, and they go one step further.
  • Response to change: Will be leading and/or detecting new opportunities.


When we lead teams we need to be aware of what color is our team’s mood, of what is going on. Like this we are able to find the adequate leverages to change it. So we get the best from ourselves, the team and the Company. Only then we will give the ultimate service to our customers.

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