Don’t get too comfy

You got comfy because you had performed that task a thousand times. You are an expert. If business keeps as usual, nothing could go wrong. Sure? Maybe you could stop paying attention to details, boredom leading to no longer caring about giving a 100%, taking things for granted and focus not being where it should be. Lots of possibilities to make mistakes, wrong calls.

Or it could be that you are used to that comfort that training before practicing brings to our soul. The known path already walked by others is explained to you. The only thing needed here is to learn, apply your background knowledge to find the improvement opportunities and put them in place once you have learned how to handle the day to day.

Or what if, in business as usual you could always trust your guts like surfing the waves of a familiar sea. The one you love, the one you are used to and in which you know when you can get creative and when you can not. Where you can read in the environment.

Or, you know that family and friends are just around the corner and although you love spending time with them sometimes you just want to go home, get comfy in your sofa and have a drink or relax after a hard, long day. In the end, they will always be there.

But, things never stay as we want them to stay, sometimes it’s progressive, sometimes the world is turned upside down overnight. We need to be ready for change, always. Be sure of what we do or think but leaving a tiny space for questions, hesitations. Be sure that nothing is written on stone and maybe you will learn the hard way, by doing.

The only thing for sure, is that every opportunity counts, to be with yourself, to be together with your friends, your family, to learn something new, to go for that extra mile, …

Don’t wait too much for the perfect wave, to enjoy each moment and minute, to get the best from yourself. To think different. To change. Do not get too comfy, everything could just change overnight and catch you off guard.

I am aware of my comfort zones, the topics I love to read and write about. So, will do my best to replan my route, to enlarge my horizon. Thank you for helping me to achieve it.

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