Writing helps me in infinite ways, it helps me organize my thoughts, it allows me to see a structure in the unstructured…

And so, where does inspiration comes from? From the world, the people that surrounds me, what I read, see on TV, what bothers me, the questions I have, what I wonder about, what amazes me, what makes me feel that something is wrong, misplaced, that does not fit, … but mostly, mostly from those good, enriching conversations which bring food for thought, what others are asking to themselves and their, mine point of view about it.

Today, this is a bit more difficult, we are far from each other, technology helps us to be, to feel we are a bit more closer, but this is not enough, not for me. Technology helps not to disconnect, helps us to be able to have a chat, to see how we are doing. But still, eye contact, face to face conversations are better, much better. We are social animals, and we need to have human touch. And I miss it even though I am lucky, very lucky.

Inspiration does not come only from words, it comes also from closeness. Hope we can be close again soon. Keep your eyes and ears open! Who knows where inspiration will find you

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