Being brave to suck at something

It would be rare that you’d never heard of, never been told about the comfort zone. How we should always try to expand it, by moving one step away from it progressively.

Is always scary to stop doing what you master to experiment. So it’s easier to agree to developing by trying something new but familiar. Remember, one step away at a time.

There are times when you just need to take a run-up to jump as far as you can, so far to get away, away to un unexpected zone. Well, when you already excel at something is not easy to start from scratch knowing that you might suck at it at the beginning.

This if fear keeps behind people, the fear Of not being the best the very first day, to not know everything. Over and over we repeat, surround yourself by braves, or be the hero or patient zero. Help others grow, be on their side during the trip.

Your choice.

Thanks Matthew Daniel for the picture!

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