“Gazing out the window” effect

There is a funny thing about zoom, skype.. conferences. We usually forget that the same way we are seeing what others are doing, the rest can see what we are doing. It is like we were looking through a window, seeing what is happening but not being watched by anyone one can see what we are doing.  Something similar happens when we are in our cars, but that is another story.

We forget about any protocol, a protocol we would problably keep if we were attending a Video Conference on a big screen instead of staying in front of our laptop screen. We should always keep the basics of protocol, pay attention, behave. Shouldn’t forget that even being in front of our secure laptop, we are being observed.

Lately, I have noticed that in some stores, the assistants are talking among themselves, gossiping, complaining. Completely forgetting they are being watched, ignoring that customers can see them, trying to get their attention. It hasn’t happened once, neither twice.

Should we make sure our employees are aware of the window effect and they try to avoid it?

We need to constantly remind ourselves, that zoom/Skype meetings are like being all in the same room. No work/type while the meeting takes place, no attention to others chat or calls, no hair grooming, or using the camera as a mirror.

Let’s behave.

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