Changing our habits

Habit: usual way of behaving or a tendency that someone has settled into.

Some examples:

  • eating the first thing you find in the fridge when you get home or going to bed without eating at all
  • minimize the quality of the work done, or apologize for the next comment you will make or not even arise the work done
  • understate your own success
  • looking for other’s approval

You probably realize that this is not an effective way to lose some weight, get in shape, give a talk, have a constructive discussion or be recognize as a relevant member.

Sometimes, awareness comes from an impacting event. But, most of the times, it is because we are reminded after repeating one of these behaviors. And it comes from someone who is able to see us and who cares. First step to change our habits is being aware of when we are doing it (and a friendly reminder is always of help). The more aware we are, the more progress we can have (more possibilities to correct the course).

Pretty simple formula here: Changing habits= Awareness x Intention x Effort.

First step of moving away from the place you are is becoming aware of where you are.

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