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When preparing for an opening you have no room for improvisation

Imagine that in four months there will be the opening of a new theater play.

The script is finished, now it’s only necessary to essay:

You, the scriptwriter, you, the actor. You perfectly know what is about, investigated and learned during the writing process. 4 months can allow you to get closer to perfection. There is still some room for improvisation.

You, the director. Every day during four months you are close to the scenario. You know what the results need to be and how do you want it to be played. Orders, instructions are given.

You, the producer. You know it has to be nicely played. You read the script and liked it, made it happen. It is not possible to be there, to see the evolution day by day.

Now, same scenario with a small change. The script is not finished, it’s written while the essays progress:

You, the scriptwriter, you, the actor. You are learning along the writing process. After the four months, there will also be some room for improvisation.

You, the director. New pages are given to you and you need to understand and adapt to the actors that are on the stage. You are almost learning at the same time your actors do.

You, the producer. The initial idea was attractive. Now, only trust and some visits to the theater can guarantee there will be good results.

Sometimes we see some improvisations on the stages, sometimes. This comes after a long learning path. It doesn’t matter what part you took on the preparation. Only if all participants learned or knew enough, only then, improvisation would improve the representation. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be natural, it could probably be a complete disaster.

Learning, knowledge, practice. Basics that in the end, allow people to sort some difficult situations, enjoy some unplanned time slots during presentations or to simply just prepared themselves at the very last minute. Hard work and preparation is what is behind what we sometimes think, was only some funny improvisation.

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