Boss leadership & umbrellas

Some tips to differentiate the two types of bosses: a true one or just someone with a job title

Imagine a sunny, nice day and two umbrellas, one small (individual) and another very big, so big that a whole team would fit under it. Let’s take a look at which one would be chosen and how by bosses.

True/entitled type of boss

A true boss, leads while taking care of his team, he/she is a reference, is someone to learn from. He can somehow anticipate the future, look up in the sky, observing, noticing changes and fixing a strategy a road map. Then he acts consequently, ensuring that all the team knows where to go and what to do. If it starts to rain, when pressure goes up, he opens the umbrella He sets up the best organization for the team so all people can fit inside the same perimeter, not being left alone and out of the protection of the umbrella’s shadow and protection. and ensures that work goes on but no one is directly exposed.  He/she teaches how to observe, improve. He is a referent. Once a possible successor shows up, from time to time, will delegate allowing him to hold the umbrella.

The “named”, assigned boss

He/she has a small, umbrella, somewhere. Doesn’t have much clear what is going to happen or where to go once it starts raining. When the rain finally arrives, he uses the umbrella, to protect himself by letting his/her team find the shelter (if there is any time) by themselves. Will not teach, neither guide. He will not lead, only make sure that he doesn’t get wet from the rain. If there are other umbrellas, it can be possible that are taken away from the ones that hold them. Your fault, not mine.

There are lots of people who “get” a team, who coordinate a group of people. Being a “true” boss includes behaving as a leader, holds the pressure just the way it’s needed, develops each of the members, and over all this, he cares about HIS/HER people.

If you are boss, how do you handle umbrellas? And how do bosses you know handle them?


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