Getting the solution before knowing what the problem is

Our background, prejudices, paradigms, … all affect our decisions, or at least the way we see the world. It is black, green or white, but it is what we know it is. When we face a challenge, specially a problem-solving one, we usually let this influence have an important role in the process. And it’s then, when we, even before knowing what the problem is, jump to the conclusions, offer a solution.

There are quite a few possibilities to get it wrong, especially when we are working in a team. We just jump with what WE know that works, and we don`t even listen to the rest. Then, a battle for the right solution starts. It can be quiet, but it starts a tug-of-war. There is no way to get it right.

So when we are forced to agree on the goal/expectation, and then on what is/are the problems we face by not meeting the expectations, when we list and detail them, when we are requested to explain what we really mean, answer all the questions and chose the ones that we feel we should be trying to fix, it’s easier. It’s intricately easier. At first, we are lost in the chaos, we want to have the solution, now, mine, the ONE. Just be patient. Wait. After the chaos, you will see what is or are the real problems you are demanded to solve.

How often do we forget about common sense, respect and active listening? That’s how often we miss the opportunity to find out the right solution.

When we listen, respect others opinion and build on that is when the team feels that what was completed it was a thing of all, not a thing of one.

You don’t need a board to have that, just practice it.


My “excuse” for skipping one week publishing is having my laptop at the “pc hospital”… šŸ™

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