The healthy part of breaking up

It’s not exclusive of couples. We break up with things, companies and people every day.

With our car, when we switch it for car sharing.

With our hairdresser, when we move to a new neighbourhood and find one we like just across the street.

With our customers, when we decide to focus on a specific segment.

With a company, when as customers we acquire the services of a different one because they give us what we need.

With our profession, when by chance we find a different path to follow.

With our job, when we look and find new opportunities.

With our current diet when we decide to lose weight and eat healthier.

There is a heatlhy thing about that. And it is that we realise things as they were, weren’t working. We wake up, hesitate, make a decision and change, move for better.


There is always something healthy to take away from a break up.

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