Push & Pull Customer Service

Customer experience, Customer journey, customer service, customer centric, our customer is the reason of everything we do. How many of these words have you heard lately? Many of them, for sure.

There are many ways to interact with customers:¬†tolerate them, handle them nicely, care about them, overwhelm them, ignore them…

I have experienced two examples this week:

Company A was supposed to show up at 6 pm to install a router. Called at 2pm saying we are close to your place can we do the service now? No, second call, no second arrangement. We called to see what had happened, then a new appointment was made. Service, after that, perfect. PULL SERVICE.

Company B, to whom we had bought 2 months ago (fresh fruits). I received a text saying, guess what? we will be close to your place tomorrow. So, if you need anyhting, you forgot to buy whatever it was we will deliver it to you for free. Only if you place your order before 11pm. PUSH SERVICE.

PULL SERVICE: doesn’t have to be bad. But you need to call, you need to track down, it’s you who needs it and who will have to look after it. They pull from their customers.

PUSH SERVICE: Doesn’t have to be good. But, guess what? happens to be that we will be close to your home, do you need anything?

What service does your company have? Push or pull? And when you face YOUR Customer how does he/she feel treated?


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