Home made pizza

In the mood for a home made pizza, took all the ingredients from the fridge, elaborated the pizza dough, prepared the baking tray, put the oven on to heat… 10 minutes later had my delicious pizza ready.

The thing is, two ingredientes were left behind, had been taken from the fridge, put aside, but no one ever look onto them, only after the pizza was ready.

There are many times when we don’t pay enough attention, we are on the autopilot mode. Our mind is not truely where it should be, focused.

The Pizza story teaches us, that is good to do one thing at a time, 100% focused, paying attention to every single, tiny ingredient, to every minute in the oven, we decided it was the time to, we decided to fulfil a task. And we did, but we did not excel, we performed.

If you want to deliver the best of you in every piece of work, even if there is not enough time, you don’t have all the components, all the tools available, make sure you do one thing at a time. You will make what you are doing the most important job to you. This is when you do great things, maybe not perfect but great.

When you trust too much your knowledge, your tools, and you stop focusing, letting your ideas fly away, that is when you only risk delivering. You will miss things, the work will not be WOW! It will just, simply be.

One thing at a time. Go through every step before starting, even if it’s the 1,000,000 time you do it.


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  1. Totally agree. “live the current moment” someone taught me long time ago. But I’d forgotten it. Thank you!

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